Below you can find list of the most frequently asked questions.
Gonzales documentation:

Download Gonzales 2.x documentation (end of 2019) Download Gonzales 1.x documentation (2016)


Why can't I see Gonzales in the top admin bar?
Make sure that you're looking at good place - on the front-end, not back-end.
Why can't I see top admin bar on the front-end?
That's probably because of disabled checkbox called "Show Toolbar when viewing site" located in "Users" -> "Your profile" page of administrative area. Other thing is that it could be disabled programmatically in theme or one of your plugins. See video tutorial.
Does Gonzales support plugin X
Basically Gonzales supports all plugins which follow WordPress standards (codex) to attach JS and CSS files.


When my invoice will be available?
Invoices are uploaded each 5-14 days depending on amount of orders. If you need it ASAP please use contact page.
How will I be notified about invoice?
I'll send you e-mail with detailed instruction how to get it.


How can I change e-mail address?
It's an action which affects licensing storage so I must do it manually. Use contact form if you need such a change.
I bought plugin but can't see e-mail with credentials. Why?
Make sure you are checking e-mail account related to the PayPal account. Customer panel automatically send e-mail with credential once you make a payment. Make sure you double check SPAM folder if you can't see message.
I'm 1 website license owner and installed plugin on staging, now want to migrate to production. How?
Don't worry, you don't need to extend license. Contact me and point old/new domain. I'll deactivate old and activate new one.