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Why Gonzales?

Gonzales allows to conditionally disable CSS, JS and even plugins depending on page you visit. It's simple and lightweight tool thanks which you'll be able to get rid of overloaded website by excluding useless CSS and JS files registered by themes and plugins.

That's it. It's time to purchase Gonzales and speed up WordPress:

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License? It's simple. Once you buy Gonzales you will be able to use it as long as you want. Only support and updates are time limited. That's it. It's time to purchase Gonzales and speed up WordPress! Please note that you can extend and renew your licence anytime you want from customer panel.


1 year updates/support for 1 website

economic option to test things out

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1 year updates/support for 5 websites

good option for owners of up to five sites

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2 years updates/support for unlimited websites

dedicated to agencies or webdevelopers

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Version 2.3


  • WordPress 5.7 support
  • PHP 8 support
  • fix autoupdate (prevent link stealing)
  • improved appearance

Version 2.2


  • added regex support for CSS/JS manipulation
  • improved textarea field behaviour to keep its value when selecting other fields
  • improved autoupdate mechanism (affected by older than 2.1.5)
  • fixed bug where temporarily disabled plugin caused global plugin disabling

Version 2.1.6


  • get rid of MU plugin error on front-end after 2.1.5 update

Version 2.1.5


  • WordPress 5.3 support
  • added RAM limit information for visited page
  • fixed bug in MU plugin dependency checker
  • fixed database error issue when tables are not created automatically
  • reduced number of SQL queries
  • removed group section if doesn't present any data
  • unified panel appearance

Version 2.1.4


  • added reset style for back-end to keep appearance the same regardless theme

Version 2.1.3


  • added dependency checker in MU plugin in case of main plugin deactivation
  • solved high SQL usage issue on some environments
  • improved back-end appearance

Version 2.1.2


  • removed "fatal error: allowed memory size..."
  • WordPress 5.0 support
  • improved panel appearance

Version 2.1.1


  • added fix for FastCGI servers (when configuration is not saved)
  • added support for older PHP versions in MU plugin
  • improved script ("select" tag script wrapper controller)
  • improved panel appearance
  • improved plugin security (create Gonzales tables in database if not exist)

Version 2.1.0


  • added plugin activation/deactivation control
  • added regex filter for plugins
  • added auto-update functionality
  • added emoji control
  • simplified UI
  • improved assets dependency manager

Version 2.0.4


  • added better support for optimization oriented servers
  • WordPress 4.9 support

Version 2.0.3


  • WordPress 4.8 support

Version 2.0.2


  • improved appearance (CSS/JS improvements)
  • removed unused quotation mark from page footer

Version 2.0.1


  • added "Disable current URL" option
  • keep Gonzales panel visible after configuration save
  • improved configuration saving
  • improved activation exceptions handling
  • removed HTML panel code for non-signed in users
  • added rule to ignore URL parameters (e.g. /contact?gc=39203 = /contact)

Version 2.0.0


  • added content type filtering support
  • improved usability
  • improved disabling functionality

Version 1.0.5


  • WordPress 4.7 support

Version 1.0.4


  • improved HTTPS support
  • added core cache clearing
  • better support for older PHP releases
  • WordPress 4.5 support

Version 1.0.3


  • added short instruction after plugin activation
  • removing PHP4 references
  • adding switcher in code to enable Gonzales in back-end
  • improving permissions check on guest sessions

Version 1.0.2


  • added WP Rocket support

Version 1.0.1


  • improved menu appearance
  • increased number of controlled JS/CSS

Version 1.0.0


  • initial commit